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As you should have guessed it when arriving on this website, you are about to get the possibility of playing the so-called game Uno® directly in your Internet browser and without having to install anything. If you know nothing about Uno® rules (and even if you think you know), you should take a quick tour in the 'Rules' section of the website. This version of Uno® contains some features that differs from the original version.

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On this website, there is two ways of playing : either you choose to create and use an account, or not. Every Uno® game you play gives you or makes you lose points. Naturally, if you win games, you will tend to earn much more points than you could lose if you were defeated. The best and worst players are permanently listed underneath (in the 'top' and the 'flop'), and the purpose is, of course, to enter the ladderboard. If you decide not to create an account, your scores and records will not be saved...

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April 19th, 2014

You won't believe it, is finally back!
When I had to close this website in november of 2007 because the server was overwhelmed, I never really thought it'd be the final end of it. There has always been a few days here and there where I dedicated a few minutes of my time to try and find a quick and dirty solution to the various issues plaguing the game. There has always been kind emails sent by players asking why the website was closed, and even after 6 years (!) of absence, I was still receiving them. And it finally dawned on me that maybe I should devote a weekend of my time to hunt and destroy every last issues with the game and relaunch it for good. Which is exactly what I did this weekend and believe me, with a codebase dating from 2007, there was a lot of unsupported and deprecated stuff that didn't work anymore (there's even whole new internet browsers that didn't exist back then). So I patched things here and there, added a few lines of code, refreshed the javascript codebase to modern standards and restored the login and points system along with the ladder. Hopefully that will be the last time I devote some of my time to a 7 years old project that was supposed to just work on its own and leave me alone. Cheers!

Top 10

Best global scores

1st 67,214
2nd 58,371
3rd 42,319
4th 22,058
5th 18,597
6th 18,045
7th 15,067
8th 11,020
9th 10,316
10th 9,809

Best scores in one try

1st 718
2nd 698
3rd 684
4th 679
5th 678
6th 656
7th 643
8th 640
9th 639
10th 621

Flop 10

Worst global scores

1248th -3,911
1247th -1,441
1246th -1,308
1245th -1,303
1244th -1,282
1243th -1,246
1242th -1,245
1241th -1,236
1240th -1,185
1239th -1,185

Worst scores in one try

1248th -301
1247th -290
1246th -283
1245th -282
1244th -280
1243th -268
1242th -265
1241th -264
1240th -259
1239th -259

Quick statistics

Global statistics

Games started455,327
Games finished331,540
Points won10,622,175
Points lost8,081,033
Games won110,339
Games lost221,201
Cards played14,958,011
Registered users2,216

Statistics for august 2014

Games started37,774
Games finished33,621
Points won1,028,384
Points lost787,809
Games won12,307
Games lost21,314
Cards played1,473,441
Registered users454